What have they become ?

« The seed we sow is the seed of hope. » Maria Montessori

What did to the former pupils of Secrets d’Enfance became?
Read the testimonies of parents and former pupils!

After several years of development and building solid foundations at Secrets d’Enfance, Alessio and Matteo continued their course in a bilingual primary school, l’Hermitage, Maisons-Laffitte. They have friends of all backgrounds and are “living bridges” between their different cultures (English, Italian and French).

There is no doubt that their contact with the Montessori pedagogy in a bilingual context helped to build these future citizens of the world! My sincere thanks to the entire team for their dedication and preparation.

Joanne Caddy Mazza

Matteo and Alessio's parents (13 et 11 year old)

Although Julian only attended class at Secrets d’Enfance for a single year, we keep in excellent memory of it (for Julian, unforgettable memories of the Christmas market in the snow).

Julian is now 7 year old and attend school at Marie Curie de Vaux-sur-seine. He is a very good student who turned out to be a very precocious child: Needless to say that I don’t get bored!! Especially since  his little brother of 5 is following the same path!

Julian plays the piano for two years and practice Judo every Saturday with a great teacher.
SInce January this year, he also atends pottery class :
Depuis janvier cette année, il va a un cours de poterie : currently he works on prehistory and last week they focused on Nikki Saint Phalle was a honor. He adores her work.

We keep on speaking english from time to time at the house, watching Donald the Duck in english and plays with Montessori apps that I found online.

I would love to find him an english speaking playmate and send him in England next year. As a little child I took several trips to the UK and kept fond memories of it.

Julian loves reading the stories of the “Club des 5”, the stories of the magic cabin and the adventures of Ulysse.