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Welcome to the Secrets d’Enfance’s website !

Our Montessori School welcomes over 100 children from 2 to 12 years old in a charmingly renovated house, in Vernouillet (Yvelines). Accredited by the French Montessori Association and officially recognised by the french Ministere de l’Education Nationale ; Secret d’Enfance is above all, an educational project thought for and conceived in the respect of each child’s development.

Our vision and values


Each child is unique. At the Secrets d’Enfance Montessori School, each child evolves at his own pace, in a friendly environment where they can all grow with confidence.


With Secrets d’Enfance, you can be sure that your children l be looked after by a unified and experienced team or teachers, all driven by a common pedagogical approach.

Well being

With its green and leafy park, the Secrets d’Enfance’s house is the perfect place your child’s development.


Although, the Montessori educational method favours the child’s personal development, the notion of collectivity remains fundamental. Mixed aged grouping in particular enables children to become active members of the group and through this, develop a sense of belonging.


It is crucial for us to acknowledge each child’s background and identity, in order to provide a consistent educational program, with regards to the family framework.

Open Mindedness

The challenge of our educational approach is important: it’s all about preparing children to evolve in a different world from the one we know, in all its diversity. Open mindedness to the world and different cultures is an essential aspect of our pedagogical approach.

Bilingual Education

It is in the spirit of openness to the world that Maria Montessori’s alternative education inspires us every day. Our school is completely bilingual. Each class is overseen by two educators, each teaching in their mother’s tongue. Bilingualism gives our school a positively mutli-cultural spirit.


Our team

Cendrine Bathany

Cendrine Bathany

Founder @ Schoold Director

After getting her degree in young children’s education, Cendrine worked for two years in the United States and obtained her Montessori diploma there. For six years, Cendrine progressed in various Montessori structures in France. In 2004, she decided to found the Secrets d’Enfance Monterssori School.

If there were only ten children at first, the school rapidly grew and since the recent opening of the elementary classes, the school now counts close to 100 pupils!



Montessori Educator

In 1988, Annie discovered Maria Montessori’s alternative pedagogy and start training to become a Montessori educator. She has been working for fifteen years as a Montessori school teacher in various schools.

In 2005, Annie joined Secrets d’Enfance’s educational team. She works as a pair with Nuala, an english educator, with the Bear cubs class.



Montessori Educator

After getting her IMA degree from the Maria Montessori Superior Institute of Paris in 1998, and her BA in Italian Studies, Clémence decided to start her career as a Montessori educator, in Rome.

After several years of teaching in a prestigious Montessori school, she joined our team in 2005 and worked with the pre-school class along with Anaïs. Clémence also works with the Butterfly class (3 to 6 y/o).

Ask us anything !

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