Elementary school

« The seed we sow is the seed of hope. » Maria Montessori

The dolphins is a single class with 20 children from 6 to 9, a Montessori educator, one assistant and one English teacher. Our classroom is specifically designed for the children’s needs.

At this age, the child needs to build himself socially: he likes to work and to act as a group, he wishes to exchange and share knowledge. It is also during this period that the child develops his moral conscience: he needs to be listened to, and to know his opinion is being respected. The age mix helps cooperation and offers greater diversity in activities. It also allows each child to go at its own pace.

We follow the program requested by L’Education Nationale in France. To facilitate this learning, the classroom has the necessary Montessori material allowing the child to manipulate and experiment with to give real-life meaning to the learning. The child will thus be able to move from the concrete to the abstract without difficulty.

The Dolphin’s educators

This year, Nathalie and Susana are looking after the dolphins.



Montessori educator

After a ten years career in Marketing, It is with great strength and will that Nathalie attended internships and training programs to reconvert and became a Montessori educator.

Also trained at the Mental Gesture Theory of Antoine de la Garanderie, she joined the Secrets d'Enfance educational team in 2009, where she now pass on here passion for literature and tales to children from 3 to 6 years old.


English teacher

Having been an English teacher for more than 8 years, Susana Obboh has a breath of experience teaching english to bilingual children and children for whom english is a foreign language.

As an English speaker, Susana is passionate about her job and motivated by the desire to introduce English-speaking countries and the English language to the children. She also loves children's literature and followed a children and teenagers' writer training.

Our team

Our teachers are truly great. Come and meet the team!

Pupil talk!

I loved my Montessori school my teachers and friends. I’ve learned a lot and when I joined the Notre Dame School, I was well prepared and fit in there without any difficulty.


Former pupil