Nursery school

« From 0 to 6 years old, form not only intelligence, but also all psychic abilities. » Maria Montessori

Refining the senses and language development

Nursery school greets children from 3 to 6 years old in one single class. Mixed age group allows for the emulation of the youngest, imitating adults. Elders are valued because they help, and play the role of the professor whilst revisiting their learning.

The small class size (17 children) allows the teacher to pay special attention to each child so that they can make progress at their own pace. In nursery school, the child will grasp order. Enriched by and organizing his perceptions, he will be in a position to refine his/her senses and develops their language skills. The child is hence preparing for reading and writing. Thanks to the Montessori material, the child awakens his reasoning, approaches counting and geometry. The children discover science by studying the animal kingdom and plants, the human body, the notion of time passing, yesterday, tomorrow, days, months, seasons …

Children discover geography from a concrete material : earth, continents, seas, islands, lakes.

Special attention is paid to broaden the children’s horizon to the world and different cultures.

Nursery school teachers

This year, Annie and Nuala are looking after the nursery school class.



Montessori educator

In 1988, Annie discovered Maria Montessori’s alternative pedagogy and start training to become a Montessori educator. She has been working for fifteen years as a Montessori school teacher in various schools.

In 2005, Annie joined Secrets d’Enfance’s educational team. She works as a pair with Nuala, an english educator, with the Bear cubs class.



Montessori educator

Nuala is from Cork, Ireland. She did her three to six year olds Montessori training at the IMA College in Dublin.  She worked for several years in both Ireland and in France in Montessori schools before stopping to be a stay at home mother for her three children.

She worked as an Administrator for an English school for several years and understand the difficulties in raising bilingual children here in France. Nuala began working at Secrets d'Enfance in September 2014 as the English Montessori teacher for two classes, and she is very happy to be working with children again.

Our team

Our teachers are truly great. Come and meet the team!

Parent talk!

The smile on my daughter’s lips when I come to get her in the classroom is an incredible gift … and when she says “it was good today mommy,” it is a great moment of happiness.

Seeing her progress and grow (so quickly) throughout the year was just wonderful. The DVD (what a big job!) is the highlight of all this, allowing us to make the connection with the whole years work. Also, as a young mother, it was all very new to me ; so it was full of discoveries and emotions.



Celeste ( 4 years old) and Daniel ( 12 month) 's mum